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Hey Can you give me some names of the best looking linux distro but it should be a little bit light weight coz i have INTEL 845G on board graphics , P4 Processor,1.25 GB Ram...

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  • CrunchBang (Debian based, Openbox as WM)
  • ArchBang (Arch Linux based, Openbox)
  • Lubuntu
  • Xubuntu
  • ......

In fact if you have already installed Ubuntu, you can install different Window Managers (openbox, fluxbox, e16/e17, awesome, Xmonad, etc...) or DE (LXDE, XFCE4, etc...) and change at the login screen (lightdm). You don't have to re-install.

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I second all of the answers. I've seen some pretty amazing Archbang desktops, but have no personal experience with it. My advice would be Bodhi Linux. Bodhi uses e17. While I had to get used some to the interface, it proves very reliable, looks very good (if a bit stuffy) even on old machines and is very stable. Not as snappy as some other minimalist distros and not as full-featured as Ubuntu or other major distros, but hassle-free at least in my experience.

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In my opinion, Zorin OS 6 is a great looking operating system, and runs beautifully fast.

I'm running it on my old Dell XPS 400, with 2GB Ram, a Pentium D 2.8GHz dual-core, and an Nvidia GeForce GT430, and it runs considerably smoother and faster than all the other distros I've tried, including Xubuntu, which is another great choice.

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Most Ubuntu Distro will fit into your requirements, If your Ubuntu is running little slow on your pc try to switch to classic desktops rather than default desktops such as Unity or GNOME 3, or install one of the lighter Ubuntu distributions such as Lubuntu or UbuntuLite

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