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If I want to install lightscribe for CD burning, how do I install it safely?

How to use simply use it?

  1. How to install?
  2. How to use it? (simple, quick way)
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32-Bit Installation

If you have a 32-bit system, you should be good to go! Just install the debs, like so:

sudo dpkg -i lightscribe*.deb
sudo dpkg -i 4l*.deb

Now I haven’t tested this because I do not have a 32-bit system so if you have trouble, let us know in the comments! I can always cook up a VM to test this in properly.

64-Bit Installation

If you are using a 64-bit operating system, which I would wager to guess that that is true, you will have to force the software onto your system. This is never recommended, but i can’t imagine that the impact of the software is significant enough to cause any damage to your install. The Ubuntu help page however, gives the following warning;

So, that said, here are the commands!

sudo dpkg --install --force architecture lightscribe*.deb
sudo dpkg --install --force-architecture 4l*.deb

Now, let’s run it.

If you want to create a disc with an image covering the surface:

sudo 4L-gui

If all you need to do it print a little text on a disc:

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