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I've been using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for a while, am quite new, using the terminal, made a script to open a project of mine containing multiple files with gedit - after execution of the respective script:

gedit [filename1] [filename2] ... 

The terminal executes it successfully, gedit opens passed files and terminal is ready for another line. Well, today I came across a strange issue - after the execution of the above mentioned script, gedit initiates successfully, but terminal denies execution of commands and echoes all keyboard events, even specific ctrl + ... functions - all until gedit is closed.

I can't figure what caused this as my recent activity was focused around a C project, not regarding the terminal in any way. I recall being able to execute another line after initiating e.g. open gedit and compile a project within a single tab and session of a terminal window. Any help would be appreciated! Regards!

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You'll want to launch gedit in the back ground by appending & to the command that starts gedit. e.g. gedit file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt &

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Thank you! Works out well now. – ivaylo9603 Nov 13 '12 at 18:33

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