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I'm trying to setup a network service for running saned (running the sane-test backend) on Ubuntu 12.10, running it on a virtualbox.

I followed the directions found here and I got to the point where if I use a front-end like xsane, or use the command scanimage -d test i get the desired behaviour. (i get the test image).

But when i try to use the network demon to access the backend (from the localhost) I get Failed to connect.

I used telnet on 6566 and i got the following error:

saned: symbol lookup error: 
saned: undefined symbol: sanei_w_init

I'm a linux newbie, so I could be making some stupid mistake. Any ideas on how to fix this?

[update] After posting this question i logged out, logged back in and it worked. After a few days I tried again and it gave the same error as before. Any help?

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The problem lay in having installed SANE, not knowing that it was already installed in the machine. It was the duplicate installation that was creating the mess.

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The problem here is there is that you have files that Ubuntu has installed. You can easily resolve this problem however it may cause problems later on with package management.

Per the README.txt

Please check that there aren't any older versions of SANE installed on your system. Especially if SANE libraries are installed in a different prefix directory (e.g. /usr/lib/) this may cause problems with external frontends. Please remove these libraries (libsane., sane/libsane-) by using your packet manager or manually before installing this version of SANE.

Simply nuke /usr/lib/sane.

rm -rf /usr/lib/sane/*

Alternatively, things that use libsane should search in /usr/local/lib first. That's where SANE installs to.

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Ola Pessoal, aqui no GNU/Linux KDu-2.0-Final eu resolvi depois de procurar instalar de varias formas , até que finalmente o Scanner esta plenamente funcional, aproveitei e crie para vocês um Script instalador, de permissões ao script e clique e esta pronto para funcionar no seu Linux base Debian / ubuntu 12.04 /12.10 em minutos o seu scanner .



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