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I recently installed Ubuntu on my father's computer and also installed his new Brother printer. My first attempts with the printer I was able to install the drivers, but it wouldn't let me push the "print test page" button. I then went to this page Install Brother MFC295CN drivers to Ubuntu and after following those instructions I was able to push the "print test page" button. The printer now says "receiving data" but then never prints the page. When I go to the printing queue it says that the job is completed. I am very new to Ubuntu and not a programmer or anything so I am out of ideas on how to fix this. Please help :)

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I had a very similar problem with my Brother printer: it always said that the printer was "processing" the document, but my problem was that I was using IPP instead of AppSocket/JetDirect.

How is your printer connected to your computer? Is it connected via a Parallel port? Is it simply wired in through USB? Or are you and the printer both connected to a router?

My setup was: printer wired into router via Ethernet, computer connected to router's Wi-Fi.
Here's what I had to do: http://imgur.com/9NeGN

I'll need more information on your setup to really help you a lot, but if your printer is set up like mine, that might be worth a shot.

NOTE: if that doesn't work for you, see if you have any luck with Brother's official drivers.

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