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Im thinking strongly about starting to use Ubuntu. I am tired of windows and how every computer i get/have runs with it. I'm not real computer savvy, but I know enough for my needs. Ive used Ubuntu in the past on a friends computer and was always pretty impressed with what he could make it do, look like, and the fact that he was able to run windows along with it. His computer never crashed or got viruses. That sounds like something i could get used to. That was the biggest selling point. Id like to here what some of you think. Also, I keep reading about a live cd that allows you to run Ubuntu with windows to basically try it and not have to commit. If so, how can I get that. I havent been able to find it anywhere.

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the answer you need is at: Also useful is: – saji89 Nov 12 '12 at 7:33

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Here You can download Ubuntu. This Download Page also provide information for Installation.For step By Step Installation guide Click here.

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There are two ways to install ubuntu along with windows. You can install ubuntu in different primary partition or install using "inside windows".

If you want to install ubuntu in a partition then prepare a partition (>=10GB). Insert livecd or usb flash drive. Go for install ubuntu. In installation type page, select something else option. It will show all your partition. Select your desire partition, set the following options

format : ext4
mount point: "/"

That's it. You will found both ubuntu and windows after complete the installation.

You can also install ubuntu using inside windows option. Login in windows. Extract the iso file or insert livecd. Search for wubi.exe. Run it and select which drive you want to use for installation. Just restart and select ubuntu. This process will not create a new partition, you can remove ubuntu like a application from control panel.

Disadvantage of inside windows is, if your windows will crash then ubuntu will lost. First installation process is more reliable and safe. Best of luck.

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