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ive been trying to dual boot Ubuntu with windows 8 but so far I haven't been able too. the laptop im using is a HP Pavilion g6-2240sa pre-installed with windows 8.

ive made the bootbale USB with Ubuntu 12.10, it installs but when I restart the computer boot straight into windows, no grub boot options. I can get into Ubuntu once by doing an advanced restart and booting from the Ubuntu partition. I can use Ubuntu fine but once I restart or shutdown, I do the advanced restart again and the Ubuntu partition is now gone and I have to reinstall. i used this tutorial to install Ubuntu,

After i have to reinstall and still no grub boot menu, i used the boot repair to re-install it. once i rebooted the computer it went straight to windows again and the Ubuntu partition was gone.

can i dual boot windows 8 and unbuntu 12.10 with the grub so i can pick what OS to boot into when the computer is starting, and without the partition going AWOL????

Thanks in advance

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Take a look at the following answer here. It appears Windows automatically is booting itself and grub is not showing to give you a choice to choose which OS to run upon boot.

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I changed the boot time out and updated grub, didn't work, also im using windows 8, as I understand it in windows 8 theres some sort of new UEFI system and secure boot im thinking this is the problam – John Mark High Nov 12 '12 at 0:00

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