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im new to using Ubuntu and just bought a HP Pavilion g6-2240sa with windows 8 pre installed.

I made a bootable USB with Ubuntu on it and installed alsongside windows, for 2 days it worked fine, I got into Ubuntu by doing an advanced restart from windows 8 and then booting Ubuntu from the partition it made.

When i did the advanced restart today there was only 1 HDD i could select ( there were 3 before windows, a restore partition that was already there when i got the computer and Ubuntu) so i booted from the USB again and re-installed Ubuntu. then did an advanced restart and the 3 partitions where there again, i booted from Ubuntu and now heres my problem.

I get the Ubuntu background when its loading then its just a black screen with some writing, its not on long enough to read, then just a black screen with a white _ and the top left corner that does nothing, i have to restat the computer and it auto boots into windows 8.

im a little confused as the first time i installed Ubuntu it worked fine until the partition dissaperd), the second time i installed i did everything the same except it found the old Ubuntu so i reinstalled it and now is donst work.

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You might need to delete Ubuntu from that partition and then re-install it with a Bootable USB

I do not know about partitions since I have my own question posted trying to find out but I think you should look online , How to delete Ubuntu while running Windows.

Hope I atleast gave you 1 Tiny Percent of Help.

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i just booted again from the USB and this time selected delete ubuntu and reinstall, it work and i can now get to it from windows 8 advanced restart, still not from system boot up but i can still get to in non the less. hopfully it will last this time, still not sure why it stopped working in the first place tho!! – John Mark High Nov 11 '12 at 18:38
:3 I am just shocked that I got the answer even though my answer was close to nothing of the real result that needed to be done – Ubisoft Terzuz Dec 24 '12 at 13:21
  1. Inside Windows go to My Computer
  2. Then find your HDD and then go to the Ubuntu's partition
  3. And then you just have to completely erase it from your computer.

Thats what I did and it worked

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