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I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my PC and now I'm trying to install the necessary drivers for my video card. I tried downloading the drivers from the ATI Radeon official site but the installer gives me the following error:

Package build failed!
Package build utility output:
./packages/Ubuntu/ 294: ./packages/Ubuntu/ debclean: not found
./packages/Ubuntu/ 295: ./packages/Ubuntu/ dpkg-buildpackage: not found
[Error] Generate Package - error generating package : Ubuntu/quantal

After I reboot the the side-bar, the top-bar and the menu bar for opened windows disappear. The only way I can get everything to revert back to normal is to uninstall the drivers.

Is there any way to get ATI drivers to work on Ubuntu?

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I'm not sure if this is the origin of your error, but: There is a problem with the AMD legacy driver (which you need to run your ATI HD4670) which is not compatible with actual X-Server Version 1.13.

There exists a workaround, which downgrades your X-Server. This has not worked to me, but you may try it.

Further information:

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I suggest that your problems are answered here in this guide which details how to do ATI installation which askubuntu have as a community wiki

Ask Ubuntu ATI Community Wiki

You have solutions here also which talk you through how to fix it.

Sorting ATI in Ubuntu 12.10

Let us know how you get on

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