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If anyone has heard of Bukkit, you know that their files are usually of three types: Development, Beta, and Realease. Click (here) for examples. I need a script that:

  • Loops through the directory
  • Gets the latest Stable version (probably just as simple as looking at the version number as they have a simple naming convention, each stable version is succeeded by -Rx.0, while developmental and beta versions are succeeded by -Rx.x)

After that I know I'll need to use wget to download the file.

Note: If your just going to post code, at least tell me what it does so I can use it later if I need to

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The script's main task is to figure out which of those links it should wget. Parsing web pages is really complicated. I wouldn't recommend bash for it!

Python is easy to write in comparison and has a robust HTML parsing library called Beautiful Soup.

Once you've "souped" the link, downloading it is trivial.

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It took me some time to figure this out, but here it is ;)

-c , in case you want to stop and start from where you left it

-r -A "-R[0-9].0" , gets only files that have in the middle -Rx.0 and x belonging to {0,1,...9}

-np , means no parent directories (goes with the -r option)

-nd , stands for no directory

-e robots=off , turn off robots

So in your case you would do something like

wget -c -e robots=off -r -np -nd -A "*-R[0-9].0*"

I can't get it from the site you posted, but I think it somehow redirects things here.

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