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I've really done a mess while upgrading 12.04 to 12.10, or my PC did, or ubuntu did, I can't really tell.

The situation now is

I have a dual booting machine, Windows 7 and ubuntu 12.10 -When turning on the PC, I can't access boot options, I've tried every thing, esc, f1 f8, f10 (I have a Hp pavilion) but all I can see is a short-lasting screen with three lines reading something like "error:files not found" or "link not found". So the PC turns to the Grub loader screen. This is already a BIG problem. It means I can't change boot order, and I'm diperate, since it doensn't seem that repairing my operating systems will bring my BIOS back.

-If I chose Ubuntu in grup, it loades but then frezes on the desktop, I may be having problem with unity3d, or compiz, which was reported to be crashing the first times I started ubuntu. Now, after turning off and on the pc several times, no crash is reported again. Ubuntu just load my background image and nothing else. Not the side menu, not the header, nothing. Althogh the system seems "functioning", when I press the power button on the PC, for example, the normal shutdown dialog window appears.

-If I chose Windows, Grubs tells me that something is not found, and to press any key to continue; I do it and then Windows loads perfectly.

What I now want to do is

1- use EasyBSD to change boot order and boot Windows partition first 2- delete the ubuntu partitions from within windows disk manager

What I except happening is that

My PC turns to, or near to factory booting settings: I press the power button and Windows loads without asking me nothing

I have acess to all my hardisk from withing windows

Is that what will really happen? Are there danger I'm not seeing?

What I don't except happening is

The BIOS access key return functioning

How could I eventually solve this? I would like to reinstall Ubuntu, 32 bit version this time.

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