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Hi i am using ubuntu One in Windows 7 Professional 32bit. It's fresh installed just because i just got it from my university msdnaa. I installed UbuntuOne from the website but i couldn't login from the program. I have tried to login from website and it was successfull. i have tried close the program and tried to start again. But it even became more worse because the agreement button was disabled. I want to report bug but i don't know because i'm using Windows right now. please help, some myworks are stored there. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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The best way would probably be to visit the Ubuntu One Launchpad page and see if your bug has already been reported.

If so click the bug report and select This bug affects X people. Does this bug affect you? at the top left.

If not then click Report a Bug at the top right and provide more details.

See also:

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