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I want to start my torrent downloading at night after 11 PM so I need my computer to start automatically at 11 PM and then log in to an account and start a torrent program.

I know that I can start up my computer at a specific time in BIOS but the problem is automatically logging in the system. How can I do that?

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I got what I needed by this Command

sudo /etc/init.d/ 23:00 && transmission-gtk

Where sleep_until is :


# Auto suspend and wake-up script
# Puts the computer on standby and automatically wakes it up at specified time
# Written by Romke van der Meulen <>
# Minor mods fossfreedom for AskUbuntu
# Takes a 24hour time HH:MM as its argument
# Example:
# suspend_until 9:30
# suspend_until 18:45

# ------------------------------------------------------
# Argument check
if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
    echo "Usage: suspend_until HH:MM"

# Check whether specified time today or tomorrow
DESIRED=$((`date +%s -d "$1"`))
NOW=$((`date +%s`))
if [ $DESIRED -lt $NOW ]; then
    DESIRED=$((`date +%s -d "$1"` + 24*60*60))

# Kill rtcwake if already running
sudo killall rtcwake

# Set RTC wakeup time
# N.B. change "mem" for the suspend option
# find this by "man rtcwake"
sudo rtcwake -l -m mem -t $DESIRED &

# feedback
echo "Suspending..."

# give rtcwake some time to make its stuff
sleep 2

# then suspend
# N.B. dont usually require this bit
#sudo pm-suspend

# Any commands you want to launch after wakeup can be placed here
# Remember: sudo may have expired by now

# Wake up with monitor enabled N.B. change "on" for "off" if 
# you want the monitor to be disabled on wake
xset dpms force on

# and a fresh console
echo "Good morning!"
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You don't need to log in to run a script at boot time, just add the path to your script in


If I were you I'd program it to wait at least 30 seconds

$ sleep 30

So your machine can setup the network, if the network doesn't work after boot time (you can check it by log in in a virtual console - Ctrl+Alt+F2, going back with Ctrl-Alt+F7 - and run

$ ping

You'll need to configure /etc/network/interfaces or use


In your script to configure NetworkManager

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