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My husband is in the hospital and his compaq6510b worked fine for a day with their WiFi. The above message appeared when he turned off the computer and changed rooms. help!

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There is no above message. – astex Nov 9 '12 at 23:20

It sounds as though the wireless button was clicked and the wireless card was turned off.

from the HP/Compaq manual:

The computer has a wireless button, one or more wireless devices, and one or two wireless lights, depending on the model. All of the wireless devices on your computer are enabled at the factory, so the wireless light is on (blue) when you turn on the computer. The wireless light indicates the overall power state of your wireless devices, not the status of individual devices. If the wireless light is blue, at least one wireless device is on. If the wireless light is off, all wireless devices are off.

The button should be where the #4 circle is below. Compaq Wireless Button

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