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I have a problem (or at least I think I have a problem) that I am facing for a while an have found no solution so far - to be honest, I am not sure if it is a "real" problem at all, but I am unsure about that and found nowhere else an answer. That is why I am desperately hoping for some insight from here.

The situation is the following:

I have an OS X work machine (a Mac Book Air to be precise) and an Ubuntu 12.04 file server.

Now all I wanted to do is to back up (a lot) of data from the OS X machine to the server. However, that does not seem to work, as it seems never all the data is transferred - no luck whatever I try.

To not make it overly complicated, let's just concentrate on my music library in /Users/me/Music/iTunes.

The recent try I did was to use ftp (ncftp on the client, vsftpd on ubuntu) After the ftp put -R iTunes I have:

on OS X: Total Size 43,09 GB 10289 Items on Ubuntu : Total Size 37,58 GB 9293 Items

Why is that so? This data cannot be correct, right? Or am I missing something?

I have tried:

  • smb (drag and drop the folders)
  • scp
  • rsync

There are always a few GB(!) missing and a whole lot of files (the number varies, however). In my desperation, I even tried to use git...but alas, in the case of my Music library it bails out early as it cannot handle that much data.

Has someone any idea why I seemingly are not able to make a good backup of my files over the network? Am I doing someting wrong? I understand that sizes may differ from file system to filesystem, but they wont in the GB range, will they?

Any ideas how to solve this?

Thank you for any hints.

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The size and number may not matter. There are blank files (zero length) or directories, preview images (thumbnail), and other anomalies. Also files sizes will change radically on a different file system.

You need to retry, with a smaller sample. Try one artist, or one album / collection. Then try to identify what actually useful data files were not copied.

Report back on your findings, adding details to the question.

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Allright, I will do so. For now I'm facing another problem on my mac (zipped the Music folder, transferred it, deleted it and now my OSX HD reports 40 gig being missing... :() – cli_hlt Nov 9 '12 at 21:48
The only problem I am facing with your answer is that I can believe that being in the ... say kb/mb even 1GB size - but i cannot believe that ~5,5 GB "waste" data is used on osx drives vs linux drives.. – cli_hlt Nov 9 '12 at 22:06

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