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Catfish is my preferred desktop search tool. But by default it uses "find" and searches in the "catfish" directory. I want it to use "locate" and search in "home".

How do I change that? I already searched for a configuration file but didn't find any.

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Catfish is a GTK+ search utility written in python. It's search is powered by find and locate, with search suggestions provided by zeitgeist.

locate is now the default search engine in Catfish version.

You can also just easily change the default directory where Catfish will search by clicking on the "look-in" drop-down box.

enter image description here

For detailed features, see:

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Thanks a lot for the info. So it seems I need to build version (I have 0.3.2 from the repos). The installation instructions that come with the new version are pretty clear to understand, but since I never compiled anything for stability reasons: Are there any risks for destabilizing my system (I run 12.04 LTS)? – Mrmfldmn Nov 10 '12 at 7:25

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