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I have installed openjdk-7-doc but I cannot find where to read the documentations of the APIs?

E.g.: How to find/read "String class" API documentation

I prefer GUI-based over command-line but I also want to know how to read them with the command-line too.

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Documentation is installed into /usr/share/doc/PACKAGENAME.

There are a few Documentation Viewers in Ubuntu, to help you find it. They are all web-based, though. So you need to run a local web server, and browse to their endpoints.

Off the top of my head: dhelp, dwww, and doc-central.

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If you are looking for the API Specification you can use a terminal (or Alt+F2) to open it:

gnome-open /usr/share/doc/openjdk-7-jre-headless/api/index.html

this should open the Java API with your predefined browser. If you don't want to use a terminal, you can paste the link in any browser and make a bookmark of it:


Hope this helps.

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