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I wasn't able to download date from my USB cradle from a Powertap cycling computer after upgrading to 12.10. I thought I found the answer with a google search that suggested using this code where user is my username. Unfortunately now my media hard drives won't mount. I am the only user of this computer and should have superuser privileges. When I try to mount the hard drives I am asked for a password but my password doesn't work. It also won't let me take a screenshot. Action: org.freedesktop.udisk2.filesystem-mount-system. FWIW the cradle is downloading fine but it looks like the code removed or changed my superuser password

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You left out the -a switch to add, rather than replace your groups. Now you are ONLY in the dialout group. You will need to boot into rescue mode and go to a root shell, make sure the disk is mounted r/w, and put yourself back in the other groups:

mount -o remount,rw /
usermod -G dialout,adm,cdrom,plugdev,admin
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Thanks, I tried booting into the root shell and used "usermod -a -G admin username" followed by a reboot. Now I can't get Grub to load using the shift key. Is there another way to reboot into grub? – Peter Schriver Nov 9 '12 at 14:50

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