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We are using complex directory tree, shared via DropBox on Windows and Ubuntu.

Somewhere we need to refer files, placed in other folders (like Invoice_5.doc must be found under Invoices as well as under Clients/SomeName).

Before Ubuntu we were able to use .lnk files. But what is the best solution for now when we are using Ubuntu (Gnome) and Windows?

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It appears that if you create a file and a symbolic link on computer A, on computer B dropbox just creates two separate copies of the file. Probably not what you want.

The closest equivalent to a .lnk file in Linux is a desktop file. A .desktop file for a relative link is a text file containing:

[Desktop Entry]

To automate creating such links, you'll need to look into adding a custom action to nautilus.

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Why don't you create symbolic links?

ln -s Invoices/Invoice_5.doc Client/SomeName/

will create a symbolic link in the directory Client/SomeName/ with the original remaining in Invoices/. Of course, you can do it with a Nautilus (right-click, "Make link").

However, I don't know DropBox and I do not know how DropBox treats symbolic links.

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