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I download a lot of PDFs in Chromium and always get a warning telling me that "files of this type can harm [my] computer", which forces me to manually confirm every download. I've enabled the "always open files of this type" setting, but that's only useful for after a file has been downloaded. Any way around this warning? Thank you!

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  1. Exit chromium
  2. gedit ~/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences
  3. Locate a section that looks like:

    "download": {
      "directory_upgrade": true,
      "extensions_to_open": "",
      "prompt_for_download": false
  4. Change the extensions_to_open setting from "" to pdf. If there are already other extensions, use a colon to separate pdf from the existing entries (i.e. foo:bar:pdf).

  5. Save the configuration file.

  • Source
  • Untested; will delete if it is no longer a valid method (it's from 2011).
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Haven't tested this yet, will update once I do. Thank you, very helpful! – QuietThud Nov 9 '12 at 8:03

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