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I did a clean install of Ubuntu 12.10 x32 workstation on a laptop that had a previous version of Ubuntu (9.04) that worked fine. I get no install errors, however when I log into the Ubuntu 12.10 I do not get any desktop. All I get is background splash. No icons, no menus, no nothing (double negative).

Ocassionaly a window pops up without any borders for the networking and asks for a key, which I enter the correct key, but the network doesn't connect (based on wireless card blinky light status). I can't do anything else with the machine except shut it down with the power off switch. Nothing I do at the keyboard will produce anything from the Ubuntu background color screen.

The install tool was able to configure the video drivers to do the install, so I don't think it is display driver problem. The login screen also looks fine. It is after I attempt to login that everything stops working. since I have not configured the network, I can get in remotely either. Thinking of going back to 9.04 becasue otherwise the laptop is a brick with this version of Ubuntu.

Anyone have any ideas?

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You might wanna try adding nomodeset on your kernel parameter at boot. –  linuxk Nov 9 '12 at 4:16
thanks. I will try that. –  Dave Nov 9 '12 at 6:33
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