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Has anyone managed to use Spyder2 to calibrate a monitor in Maverick? I have seen some tutorials about argyll, but it seems complicated, and I'm not sure Spyder2 will work (and the tutos were oldish)...

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Everything I know is in that post.

Yes, I know it's over three years old but thinking about it, how the display stack works really hasn't changed that much. ArgyllCMS plus some scripting for the Spyder should work.

I've been considering one of the cheaper ones for a while now. Almost all my work is online though so even if I have perfect calibration, it doesn't mean anybody else viewing my work will. For ~£60 I might give it a punt.

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Thanks... I'll give it a try... but wanted to learn from past experiences and thus I asked ;). I would like to keep my Spyder2... in fact, I won't buy another one... so it works or my display remains uncalibrated. – luri Jan 14 '11 at 13:48

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