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I have installed Ubuntu Server on a virtual machine in VirtualBox which runs on Windows 7. How can I connect through ssh to that virtual machine?

I go and type 'ifconfig', and i get this address "". But when I try ssh it can't establish the connection.

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The easiest way is to set up the network interface of the virtual machine to "Bridged mode" in virtualbox.

You do that by selecting the virtual machine (in VB) then go to settings > network, and change the attached to dropdown from NAT to bridged

After that, you virtual machine should get an IP address of your local network (similar tot he one of the host pc) and you should be able to ssh it with that IP.

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Actually you don't need to set it up in bridged mode, but bridged mode is the easiest way to solve your issue. If you want to keep your machine in NAT, you have to do a port forward rule in your virtualbox machine NAT settings. – tomodachi Nov 8 '12 at 23:59
thanks tomodachi, i updated the answer to reflect it's the easiest and not the only way – Sam Nov 9 '12 at 1:01

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