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I have a problem during installation of Photoshop CS5. When I open up the installer using Wine, it appers, I make few steps, and when I get to the installation (when the bar starts to move from left to right, and %.. you know) it stops and writes an error.

I tried to install the Photoshop CS4 but it still will not install successfully. So please, if you can help me somehow, or post a link that will help me, please do it.

P.S.: I do not want to use the other programs like Gimp, or others, because they are not so good to me like Photoshop. Thank you!

(BTW: I am using Ubuntu 12.10, x64, 4GB, 500GB HDD, 1GB Nvidia 220M CUDA, Intel Dual-Core 2,2GHz...)

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We've been through this far as installing Photoshop in WINE and Other Emulators.

The best thing to do is visit winehq and check the details there.

The detail that is put into the tutorial is better left there. Please use the recommendations from WineHQ


Wrong. The best thing to do is to run a VM such as oracle and host Windows XP then install it there. Lightroom works great like that.

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yeah but it's dead slow unless you have 16GB ram and a lightspeed SSD... in which case you run Win7 natively and Ubuntu on the VM :-) – George Katsanos Apr 13 '13 at 21:47

Another way to set up photoshop under wine is PlayOnLinux. PlayOnLinux can be described as a collection of pre-recorded "receipes" that automate the installation of all dependencies for a specific program. There is a reciepe for Photoshop. On top of the receipes it lets you quickly switch between different wine versions.

PlayOnLinux has a somewhat "hackish" appearance, but it's nevertheless worth a try.

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