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The problem is that when other users login to server A with the same common username they are able to ssh into server B with passwordless login working. This means that it cannot be a permissions problem with the common user on server A.

My passwordless login to server B works from my local host but not after i login to the common user on server A.

Any ideas to what the issue could be would be appreciated. Also let me know any extra info that may be needed.

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You have to enable ssh agent forwarding in order to enable key-based authentication on the second second server. I think a good description is in the GitHub SSH tutorial

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I'm not sure if this is quite it. I have my own wdroter rsa_id.pub that works for passwordless login on server A and server B. The common user on server A also has its own rsa_id.pub for passwordless login. However once I login to server A as the common user I am still prompted for a password while other users are able to use passwordless login. –  wDroter Nov 8 '12 at 18:21

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