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Is there a way to create an application shortcut that executes a script and appears in Unity dock under a different name?

I ask this since I have a script that launches several related apps (in this case qjackctl, followed by an audio app) to make users' experience more streamlined.

However, when qjackctl is launched, it shows up in the Unity dock as a new icon with a question mark and the same name as the name of the shortcut (instead of appearing under the existing qjackctl shortcut). I think qjackctl is written in qt (not sure if that makes any difference).

So, is there a way to force Unity to group it under the right icon while still keeping the shortcut name intact (the name is necessary to describe what setup is being loaded as the same script can execute different apps by giving it different flags)?

Would this require changing code within qjackctl source that forces such change or is there another way?

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