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I've gotten my hands on two older (i.e. ~2 years old) department towers that I came across when setting up our new workstations that I want to turn into servers that people can run code on remotely. The code would mostly consist of Python (2 and 3) and Java. Being able to run those is a must, but other languages would be nice. I thought here would be a good as place as any to ask where I would start.

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I would suggest openssh. As an SSH server, you can remotely execute commands (including python, java, ruby etc) in the terminal.

You can install it by entering sudo apt-get install openssh-server in the terminal or by clicking the link below:

Install via the software center

Setup instructions and documentation can be found on the Ubuntu Help Page.

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That simple, huh? – deadjaguars Nov 8 '12 at 6:57

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