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I just done recoding a video that's so important to me but by accident when I tried to delete another video I deleted it too with Shift+Delete.

I searched the net on how to recover files. I used Scalpel and it wont start. I used PhotoRec and it seems that I need to have 2 partitions and I just have one. I use the command foremost and it's seem that it can't recover webm files.

What can I do? I really need that video. I hope someone can help.

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The first thing to do after you accidentally deleted a file is to stop using the system, shut it down and then boot from another medium (LiveCD), making sure that the hard disk is not written to. If I understand you right, you searched the net (with your browser creating temporary files on disk), then downloaded and installed some software. Those actions most likely overwrote or damaged the data of the video file. Shut down the system, boot from a LiveCD and try those recovery tools one last time - if they find nothing then the file is gone. –  Sergey Nov 8 '12 at 1:50

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