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I have study project and I must test if "more computers" = "more performance" using Juju and MaaS. What charms/services you can recommend me? What will be best solution and easy to check of performance and load.

I tried minecraft but I have problems with this charm(I already post bug). I tried with owncloud but I think it was two separate instance of it.

Thanks of any help!

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We've worked on this with hadoop:

But it really depends on what you wanna test.

IMO there are so many things that would scale well using juju, it's hard to pick one in general... here're a few that would be interesting to see:

  • hadoop w/ something other than terasort :)
  • cassandra
  • mongodb
  • hive
  • lamp (mediawiki for instance)

Please write up your results and post them on the Juju mailing list!

(sorry for the self-link above, but it really is pertinent to your question)

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Generally I want load one computer and check how long it take to do this. After that I want add node and check how long it takes on two computers etc. – user84471 Nov 8 '12 at 10:27

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