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Possible Duplicate:
Share between Ubuntu machines

I have a MacPro desktop and a Dell laptop. I want to connect them such that file sharing is as fast as possible. Possibly I'd like to see the hard-drives of each machine mounted making the copying process seamless:

Copying from MacPro to Dell:

cp /mnt/macpro/home/foo /home/path-to-somewhere

Copying from Dell to MacPro:

cp /mnt/dell/home/foo /home/path-to-somewhere

Any suggestion?

In practice I have a lot of data (therabytes) and I want to exploit all the cpu-cores I have to process them.

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I really don't think this is a duplicate. I am asking what's the MOST efficient way. For example which is the fastest protocol to use among nfs,samba,ftp,sftp. – memecs Nov 8 '12 at 17:41

over the network :

You can use file sharing software like NitroShare

or else you can use default public sharing:

or else Ultracopier is software you can use to copy locally from drive to drive

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As pointed out, this question provides the answer: Share between Ubuntu machines

Use method 2 described there. To find out the IP adress of one machine (so it can be entered on the other), open a terminal and run this command:


Also, an abundance of CPU cores won't do you any good. The bottleneck here is the network.

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