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I've installed Geary from the software center, but I can't launch it from the Dash nor did I manage to create an app icon on the Launcher. The Software center has no problem seeing that the app is installed (see screenshot)

enter image description here

Running the command "geary" will launch the app.

Is there any way I can force the Dash to function properly?

Thanks, Calixte

PS: Does anyone know what this problem is related to? I tried re-installing the app and restarting the computer but that has no effect at all. I have practically installed nothing on this computer, so I can't imagine what app could interfere with the Dash

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This isn't an issue with the Dash. Rather, it's a known issue with Geary 0.2.1.

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The search results in the dash indicate that the application is not installed. This could be a bug in Unity or one of its components, so you should file a bug about it by running ubuntu-bug unity.

I just tried to install geary to test this and the dash worked fine to launch the application, and it did appear in the launcher. I was unable to actually configure geary though, so it was not usable.

You can try to log out of Unity, wait a few seconds, then log back in. It should work ok then. If the dash still isn't showing it correctly after that, then the bug could run a bit deeper than Unity. But this would be good information to include in the bug report, along with the screenshot you attached here.

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Restarting unity doesn't work. I'll file in the bug report when I have time. Thanks :) – Calixte Nov 7 '12 at 15:43

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