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I have installed Sublime Text 2. I have set all the default files to open with this. However, when I open a file from my server using FileZilla (by right-clicking and file and then click "View/Edit") it still opens up in Gedit.

Can I change this?

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You can set it by going to edit > Settings, and then going to the Filetype Associations section and adding the filetypes and the editor you want.

Here's a bit more detailed set of instructions.

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here is an example to associate python files with sublime py "/path/to/sublime_text" – suhail Feb 13 '14 at 8:31
html /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text ubuntu 14.04 – zipzit Jan 3 '15 at 6:51

Go to Edit -> Settings and navigate to File Editing.

Choose Use custom editor and browse the executable file of Sublime Text 2.

Close the dialog by pressing OK.


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