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So i have a touchscreen now, Ubuntu 10.10, made the gesturetest which works with up to two fingers - but now i have one simple question: how do i enable multitouch so that GNOME understands the gestures - at least two finger scrolling should be possible now - right?

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check this answer – Ashu Jun 10 '12 at 5:36

Goto System > Preferences > Mouse. Click on the Touchpad tab and select two finger scrolling. Click Close and it should now work.

enter image description here

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Sorry, but there is no touchpad tab. – Markus René Einicher Jan 14 '11 at 0:52

There's actually no support currently for two-finger scroll on touch screens. The current support for two-finger scroll is implemented in the synaptics X driver, which is tailored for touch pad use, and probably won't behave properly with a touch screen.

So, although you've got two-finger multitouch happening there's not currently any support for turning a two-finger drag gesture into a scroll event. This needs toolkit (GTK+, Qt, etc) support. I'd expect the Canonical DX touch team, who are working on the multitouch stack, will implement this support in the next couple of releases.

Since the multitouch protocol stuff is almost available in an upstream X server there should soon be more people able to work on this, too; not just people working on Ubuntu.

At the moment (Ubuntu 11.10), this is a missing feature.

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What about Ginn? Can it be used to add two-finger support? – int_ua Nov 25 '11 at 5:09
It's 2016, anyone got an update on this? – artfulrobot Apr 8 at 15:29

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