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Just updated from 12.04 to the newest 12.10 and now I can't click things correctly.

Things I can click on are top black bar cons left side of the screen things on my desktop such as short cuts and folders

However if I open a folder for instance I can not click anything in it, instead each time I click the mouse pointer turns into a grab fist icon, I cant click things in programs like Firefox aswell.

I found that I can click anything if I hold ctrl first before clicking.

please help return my mouse to normal!.

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I have some problem with my mouse too. I have bluetooth mouse (this may not be the case), and some of my left clicks are captured, and some of them are unrecognized. I have to press the left-click button longer than before.

In the same time, right-click and my tuchpad (left and right) buttons work well.

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