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enter image description here

Or is it heavier? What other aspects could one consider here beside aesthetics?

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I tested out my chromium install (Version 24.0.1311.0 (164559)), and it turns out that the GTK Version has a slightly higher memory footprint.

I tested it by enabling and disabling GTK Theme, while checking the memory footprint (Shift+Esc). I had killed all extensions to make sure they didn't affect the results. I also kept only the settings page open so as not to have webkit rendering affect it either.

My results were:

  1. GTK Version - 157,676K
  2. Classic Theme - 157,456K

So, there is a difference, but its too little to be of any relevance.

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Thnx to Capt.Nemo who showed me how to test this I made my own experiment, which should be seen as a complement to the his answer, that I'll set as definitive, in the sense that the differences are negligible: especially given that my results are different (GTK theme appears lightest)

Using Google Chrome 22.0.1229.94, also killed all extensions and let the help tab open

Results were:

GTK+theme enter image description here

Classic theme enter image description here

Aluminium theme from Chrome Web Store enter image description here

(As a result, considering the "Classic theme" as a sort of "no theme" situation, and comparing the other two, I go for the GTK theme.)

Also, it is possible that the GTK theme would give different results depending on the desktop environment. My test is made in Lubuntu 12.04 (LXDE).

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