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There is android os install in my laptop. I have a total hard disk of 232 GB , in which 4 GB allocated for android and rest I don't know where it gone. On open super user and running this command in android terminal: cat /proc/partitions I get following result:

  • Block_Size(232Gb) sda
  • Block_Size(4Gb)
  • Block_Size(rest) sda2

This show there is two partitions (sda1 ,sda2) of total drive(sda). since android install in sda1 and seen in it's file system . But sda2 data is invisible . how can I mount this drive in android . I just want to access and visible the sda2 storage drive. HELP ME

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It seems that sda2 doesn't contain a partition. You have to create there a partition to can use it. You can use parted to do that.

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"parted" command not found in android terminal . Since i am running this command on android laptop in it's terminal. – i_max 77 Nov 6 '12 at 8:38
how to partition it ??? I also try #busybox fdisk -l /dev/block/sda the result is :/dev/block/sda1 83 Linux; /dev/block/sda2 83 Linux; /dev/block/sda3 ef EFI(FAT-12/16/32). – i_max 77 Nov 9 '12 at 11:52

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