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I have never used Ubuntu before. I am currently running Windows 8 and have installed Ubuntu 12.10 using the wubi install kit.

My comp. will not recognize a DVD drive for now.

I want to destroy Windows 8, while keeping personal files, and make Ubuntu my only OS.

How do I do this?

The problem being that I cannot create a disk... So I am looking to accomplish a full install with only the use of wubi

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What you are trying to accomplish is impossible. The WUBI runs from inside Windows. It creates a virtual partition in a big file inside Windows partition (such as C:). The bootloader is tricked to look inside the Windows partition for the Ubuntu partition that is actually a file.

By destroy Windows 8 if you mean to reformat the Windows partition, then you will lose your Ubuntu installation as well. Without Windows and a Windows partition, there is no way to install WUBI.

Create a live USB either from within Windows by OR from within Ubuntu:

Boot your computer from the USB stick and install Ubuntu overwriting Windows and everything else.

Before you do this, make copies of all your personal data, music, photos, and whatever else you value. in an external hard drive.

Hope this helps

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