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over the weekend I updated my computer to Windows 8. So far Ubuntu One was running smoothly, but ever since the update (clean, new install) Ubuntu doesn't sync any more.

In Windows 7 it would start to sync at full internet speed as soon as I drop a file. But now in Windows 8, as soon as I drop a new file into the Ubuntu One folder, CPU usage goes up to about 50 % and no network traffic occurs. This stays like that for a couple of minutes, CPU usage goes back to normal and then the client says that all is in sync - which isn't true.

Is it too early for Windows 8? Do others have the same problem or is there something I can do about it?

I try a couple of different things, and realized that if the file size is 20 MB the files get uploaded. The original file was 1.5 GB. I also didn't work with 200, 100 and 50 MB large files. But even with 20 MB large files, the upload is very slow and not steady. But not all files get uploaded, only about 10 %.

Here's a link to the relevant part of the log, when I try to upload one single large file:

Which I don't really understand. It seems to start the upload but then stops with: failure: DOES_NOT_EXIST, but the file is there.

By the way, the account works just fine on the Ubuntu 12.04 partition.

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This should go to because of the issue with Windows 8 – Ringtail Nov 7 '12 at 4:00

Re-installation of ubuntu one might help:-)

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Ha, the good old Windows trick! Shame on me that I didn't try this before ;) But this time it didn't help, unfortunately. – Peter Nov 7 '12 at 11:42

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