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I'm running ubuntu 12.04 server edition and am looking for a media centre server daemon that meets the following requiments:

  • upnp/dlna
  • streams photo audio and video
  • transcode video from h264 mkvs on the fly based on the client, considering codecs on the device and resolution. I have panasonic tv that will play mpeg2 and divx and an iPad and a couple of iPhones in he house

I've looked at mediatomb, but I've read it not working correctly in newer versions of ubuntu. Minidlna, but it doesn't transcode, and the transcode branch doesn't vary transcoding by client. Rygel requires gnome which feels a bit dirty on my ubuntu server edition. I looked briefly at ps3 media server, ushare, twonky, etc, none seem to do it all, and will work on 12.04.

Has anyone else tried to set something up like this and did you manage to meet all these requirments?

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