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When a new program gets installed, the item is in the edit menu area, but does not show up in the applications menu. This is fixed if I close my session of xfce and log back in, but it seems unpredictable as to why it happens or when it happens.

I have tried a couple of ways of manually refreshing, neither seems to work.

Additional Information:

If I right click on desktop, under applications the menu entries are there, so its just on the top bar menu.

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At the very least please provide your Ubuntu and Xfce version. I'm using 4.10 and I don't see this issue; whenver I install a new app, I need to wait for a couple of seconds then the new item is in the menu. Alternatively, maybe you'd have better luck with xfce4-whiskermenu. – landroni Jan 13 '14 at 15:37

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