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I just updated ubuntu 12.04. (some regular update) There were some gnome-updates and some nautilus-updates I think. After the update I can't start spotify, skype, krita, tv-browser and prehaps more programs. Instead of a filled arrow on the left side of the launcher they show the lines of the arrow when I try to start them. Spotify starts, and I see the icon in the upper statusbar. From there I can change tracks, start and stop etc. But I can't see the window. The other programs I can't do anything with.

It feels like a bummer cause I choose 12.04 for the stability to use it in my business. I hope this can be resolved somewhat quickly.

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wow... now I feel stupid. It was an issue with the laptop monitor not shutting off when I closed the lid. So workspace 1 was on the laptop and workspace 2 on the external monitor. When I started the programs they started in workspace 1 and I didn't see them on my external/workspace 2. Pardon me for my previous whining. –  user104762 Nov 5 '12 at 19:28

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