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I want to set up a VPN on my laptop but I don't know what and how to set it. My requirements are :

  • Intranet with a customizable list of shared folders.
  • Intranet outsourced via computer wifi.
  • Possibly assigning individual private IP addresses to all connected.
  • Facility to share internet (if hassel free).

Can I do this using Gnome Network Manager or do I need another program? I'll be happy even if I get one folder to share for the time being and no internet if I could only outsource one file/folder.

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Does this help? The answer in this question points to a few methods to get set up.

How to get a VPN for Ubuntu

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Suggest you look at a wrapper tool like which allows easy configuration of tools/services that you need including internet sharing ;)

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The company is professional. I need open source or freeware as it is for sake of studying only. Thanks anyway. – VedVals Nov 5 '12 at 18:26

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