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All 22 show up in the download queue within Rhythmbox. The queuing feature never really works there anyway though, so I usually go to the web site, click on Files/Purchased Music/band/track to get what I purchased.

This has worked well for other albums, but 'Greatest Hit ... (and 21 other pretty cool songs) has been showing 10 tracks for the past 17 hours. Any clues?

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I had the same issues with Rythmbox, It has to do something with the "tags" of the tracks. To make my mp3's shown under the corresponding Album and not scattered around, I had to fix those files with a program called EasyTags. Ultimately, I had to switch to Banshee Media Player...

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It's possible that the files are on your desktop and are either not getting picked up or getting picked up in a weird way by Rhythmbox; check your ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One/ folder.

If the songs are not in that folder, please check the same folder via the web interface.

If the songs are not online either, please contact support.

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