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i have met alot of problems with all ubuntu releases on my current laptop (DELL inspiron N4030), such as:

  • out loud fan
  • low battery life
  • screen brightness returns to maximum after every startup
  • weak support for my VGA (Mobility Radeon HD 5430 Series ATI card)
  • ubuntu is probably not scaling my processors correctly
  • sometimes ubuntu hangs after return from suspend
  • sometimes ubuntu doesn't shutdown correctly

Now, it's time to change my laptop for good, Can you HELP me to choose a laptop that FULLY compatible with ubuntu releases, please notice that Not every laptop are available in libyan markets.

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Voting to close this question as "not a real question" since there was a similar question here that got closed off earlier since the scope of the answer is way too wide - Which laptop make has the greatest Ubuntu support at the moment?. However, you could take a look at How do I find out which version and derivate of Ubuntu is right for my hardware?. Cheers! –  nitstorm Nov 5 '12 at 11:07

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