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Quick background: I installed Linux Ubuntu 12.04 on a Dell Inspiron 3520 after uninstalling Windows 8. A friend suggested to do this as opposed to buying a laptop with Linux pre-installed. Everything except the wireless card works.

When I load up the laptop, I see a wireless animation as if it's trying to locate the wireless connection (for a while, then it goes blank), but no connections appear under the wireless option (under "Edit Connections" then "Wireless").

What I've tried: - Doing ndiswrapper. Failed. - Installing a few kernels for realtek. Failed.

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I had similar problem with RTL8187SE wireless NIC. The problem was because of the default driver r8187se is buggy. For me ndiswrapper solved the problem, but I had to blacklist the original driver (yours will be different from r8187se). After I blacklisted the original driver, and enabled ndiswrapper at the startup, everything is fine now. You can see my post here.

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