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I've bought a vps server a few days ago, with Ubuntu on it, but I have a problem now. By nearly all the commands I put in I get this error: : command not found. I am logging in as root. I think this is the Ubuntu version I have: ubuntu-8.04-i386-minimal. (Maybe it has to do with 'minimal'? I really don't know.)

To be more specific, the command I have and try to run now is this,

cd ~/mclawl
screen -S MCForge -d -m -c /dev/null -- sh -c 'mono MCForge.exe
exec $SHELL'

If I do so, I get this,

-bash: screen: command not found

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And the PATH is Ok? 'env | grep PATH' – user8290 Jan 13 '11 at 14:00

Servers can be used for multiple purposes. Some just need a proxy and are fine with ssh. Others want to run a webserver and require related binaries. To install screen, run:

sudo apt-get install screen

If you're interested what applications are installed, run:

dpkg -l

Optionally, add |less after it, so you can use the arrow / page up/down keys for scrolling.

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