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I'm working with the GD library for image manipulation, to which I need to create some transparent PNGs. Instead, I'm getting a black background. I've looked everywhere on how to generate a blank, transparent PNG canvas with it and all the answers just don't work for me.

On further inspection, I'm working with an old GD version:

The functions needed to create a transparent PNG requires 2.0.1 altough 2.0.28 or later is recommended. I installed php5-gd with apt-get, and aptitude haven't found new packages.

Do I have to add a new PPA? Where can I find it? What about forcing a version?

Thanks in advance!

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According to You should have libgd 2.0.36 in Ubuntu 12.04. I believe the "2.0" there is just a major/minor version and isn't sharing with you the patch level. Perhaps something else is going wrong.

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