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I am running 11.04 and sometimes I need to take a screenshot of a full-screen application - and the Gnome panels on top and bottom are usually in the way.

So, I can click the "hide buttons" (panel handles?) on left and right of each panel bar, and then the panel goes left or right - however, the handle itself is still visible, and "always on top" - so again it ends in the screenshot.

Is there any way to hide the panel handles completely?

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Well, it's possible - albeit a bit tricky: right click on the panel handle, choose "Properties" - "Panel Properties" starts up; here check the "Autohide" option, click "Close".

The important part here, is that "hide" doesn't work, if the panels are "collapsed" (that is, only the handles are visible on top in screen corner) - so first "expand" the top and bottom panel; then wait for a second or two - and then the panels will go upward (or downward, respectively) outside of the screen, and so will finally be completely hidden for view :)

Hope this helps someone.

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