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I'm trying to set up a samba share for the first time. My guest share works fine, but I cannot seem to log in as any user. If I enter my unix username and password my mac window just shakes as if an incorrect password was entered.

From what I have read, I thought that because I have security = user set in my smb.conf file, anyone with a unix account on my server would also be able to log into samba. Do I still need to use smbpasswd to allow someone access? Is there an option I can set so that all unix accounts have an associated samba account, with the same password? I believe unix password sync = yes helps with setting something up like that?

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It appears that installing libpam-smbpass allows this. I am unsure whether the package installation "converts" existing users.

What I did to see this:

  1. sudo apt-get install libpam-passwd
  2. (as my normal user) passwd <enter appropriate info>
  3. sudo pdbedit -L

And now my user is in the list.

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