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Guys i was unable to find or understand what and how to do it, so i will ask. I know there are more questions like mine, but i didn't understand, so sorry.

I have windows 7 installed on my laptop and i decided to install ubuntu 12.04. The installation process was successful, but i can't start ubuntu.When i start my laptop windows 7 start automatically.I tried with live usb stick checked in ubuntu's /etc/default/ oppened grub file and wrote GRUB_DEFAULT = 2 , but nothing happend...

What i have to do to be able to choose which OS to boot? Thank you guys.

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  1. Run Boot-Repair --> Recommended Repair enter image description here

  2. Write on a paper the URL (http://paste.xxxxxx) that will appear

  3. Reboot the pc. If still any problem, indicate the URL.
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